I usually play with a pick so im a bit of a noob in this area.

Anyway, firstly, whenever i strum something, i have my thumb and 1st finger together as if im holding a pick - is this ok? I personally don't like it much, but hoping it will become more comfortable as time progresses.

Another problem ive encoutered is picking notes on the same string. I was playing a bass strum song and after some strums i had to play 4 notes on the 5th string followed by 3 on the 5th... am i meant to simply downpick them using the fleshy part of my thumb or is that incorrect?
Your question is kind of put together in a confusing way...

You don't want your thumb and pointer together like it's holding a pick - that kind of defeats the point. Generally, the thumb is used on the bottom three strings and then it's pointer, middle, ring assigned to the the three high strings - one finger per string.

I would say that you might want to do a google search on 'basic fingerstyle guitar" or look for lessons here on the site - there is probably one, although I have not looked for it...
You probably dont want to strum by holding your thumb and index finger together, like Flatlander said. I just like free-strumming with my thumb nails.. (which you grow if you wanna play fingerstyle).

I really do suggest actually, to grow your nails out so 1. its easier to strum, and 2 . it just sounds a lot better when you pluck the strings.. the SQ is so much better than just using your fingertips.. IMO


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