Poll: Which SSB is Best?
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Super Smash Brothers (N64)
24 33%
Super Smash Brothers Melee
12 17%
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
36 50%
Voters: 72.
Master Chief......

Oh, wait....

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I can't relate to the never ending games you play.
The original is the best, and Link is the best character from that game. I'd probably say Yoshi or Fox is the best from Melee, and I haven't played Brawl enough to form an opinion on who's best.
Haven't played the new one, because I hate Nintendo Wii.

The previous 2 are awesome though... and Captain Falcon is the coolest video game character ever.
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Brawl, and C. Falcon is easily the coolest. "Show me your boobs!"

Hahaha yeah that's what i thought he said at first.
I like brawl best. My favorites are Fox and Pikachu
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I love the n64 version but i'm gonna say brawl, my favorite is falco.
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First one was epic. Melee was good. Brawl is epic. I still stick with the same characters from 1.

Fox and Pikachu.
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they messed yoshi yup in brawl..

I have no opinion on this matter.
Link and brawl. His final smash is basically an instant K.O. In a small/ medium stage. And since I know how to use him I take it to advantage when I play as someone else and another person is Link, for example I know how to doge his Final smash most of the time I play.
brawl, and pikachu
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THe best characters are probably Pit, Lucario, Snake, Marth, and R.O.B.
Melee, Young Link.
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Brawl is easily the best one. Ike is my favorite character, even though he's slow. But I can make him work pretty well despite that.
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Brawl has Snake...

Yet this is undermined by the fact that Snake doesn't automatically win every single match he enters.

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Brawl, and there are too many to choose. At first I was using Ike, then I went to Sonic, then to Fox, then Wario, then Wolf, and now Dedede. I love all the new characters.

If I had to choose, though, it would come down to Sonic and Wario. I don't know Wolf well enough to include him, as I've only played him a few times at a friend's house.

Characters I'm best at:

'64: Fox and Link

Melee: Falco and Marth

Brawl: Wario, Wolf, Sonic, Dedede, Falco, Fox, Olimar. I'm good enough to kick my friend's asses with almost any character, because I played Melee nonstop for about 4 years.
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I like Marth and Ike. Ike on a level without a lot a jumping, but Marth because of his jump. Also, why has no one said Pit? Hes hard as **** to kill.
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original is best...link all the way

brawls fun as hell too though. anyone else think metaknight (sp?) is a complete cheap P.O.S.? all he does is tornado and spin and fly away like a little...welll....yeah... it's always fun to use link's final smash when he tries to run
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