Now that I am definitely going to buy an Ibanez S series, I have a question. I tried the S520ex at the shop and am in love with her, even though she is slim, she has a good sustain and a warm incredible tone. Now here is where I got confused, when I got back home I logged into Ibanez website and checked the S series line up… the S320, S470 and S520, are almost exactly the same!!!!
Same trem, same pickups, except that the S520 doesn’t have a middle pickup... and the funny thing it’s the most expensive one between them, they also have the same neck, exact same dimensions... so why are they priced differently??? Why is the S520 more expensive??? I just don't get it
i dono but i have 1 and i also have a prestiege with the center pick up and i like them both
The S520 has active pickups by the looks of it, don't see why that would make it more expensive though.
It's made out of a higher grade wood for better tone and the necks that Ibanez has get graded. The best become prestige, the next go on higher end models like the s520, and the worst go on the s320 and below.
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ok... am goin for the s520ex, cause the shop i want to buy it from doesn't have the other S models, unless i want to order, and that will take 14 days more. am I being rash??? should i think of getting the 470???