I have an Ibanez GSA60 with a SSH config. I was wondering if I changed the 'bucker to a better 'bucker like a Seymoure Duncan '59(goin' for a good metal tone)would it screw with the single coil and the rest of the guitar? Any help would be very much appreciated.
no why would it do that?
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You could go wrong with the soldering but that would only mess up the new p-u, and only if you accidentally un-solder the conn's by overheating the pot for the single coils for example would you mess them up.
It won't screw up your guitar, but what amp are you using (it won't mess that up either I'm just curious...)
Ok, thanks. I just wasn't sure. I'm using my Line 6 Spider II but only for aother month or so. Gonna move to a Raven RG100.