I plan on using this pre-distortion to remove offending frequencies, therefore it must have adjustable Q.

I am open to pedals, rack effects anything at all.

I was looking at using software eq's, as well as the Presonus parametric equalizer but I don't think I can get those things pre-distortion.

I know such a device is hard to find but any help is greatly appreciated.
Adjustable Q? What is Q?
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Didn't Kerry King use MGs at some point?

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Presonus do one - not in pedal form but you don't want pedal form for that purpose i would guess
The Presonus one isn't going to work unless I can put it before distortion, I dont know if I can do that.
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Does such a device not exist? I believe many artists use parametric EQs and such surely these are commercially available?
you could try something like a 31 band rack eq. that will probably give you enough control to get rid of whatever frequencies are offending you.