So for the last year i have been looking on ebay and the paper religiously and i think everyone is sick of me talking about which amps i might be getting so i though i might document from now on so people can learn from it and maybe have a laugh to because sometimes its better to learn from others mistakes (especially money).

One thing i remember from a UG user was that dont buy "band aid" solutions... save your money and get the real deal.

I have finished school (last years was my last year) and im taking a gap year between school and university as i havnt decided what i want to be.

My current gear includes
Ibanez Sz320
EHX Metal Muff top boost
Line 6 Tone Port UX2
Randall RG75 D g2 - i have been borrowing this amp from my friend for the last 6 months from new, he hasnt used it as he doesnt realyl play guitar. It has nice cleans but it doesnt do the br00talz for me, so i got the metal muff.

I have been in a few bands but have had problems with people being commited etc so i have twindled with the idea of doing solo acoustic, but i dont have an acoustic but i could use my dads. I cant sing, but my girlfriend can well but she plays drums.
I would really like to continue gigging as music has been a big part in my life. But of course will get a university degree aswell.

I play parkway drive, killswitch, alexisonfire, lamb of god, dallas green, eric clapton, bring me the horizon + many more.

25/04/08 - My girl friend i went for an hour drive to go look at amps, i took my guitar in the car and i need to use the toilet so we went to a petrol station. I pick up the fuel house and itdoesnt work and i look up and on the door a sign reads"be back in 5" i was like WTF! so i go looking for a toilet and i try to go in but its locked and i swore i could have heard someone in there. So i wait and this crack bitch comes out and goes inside and i follow and ask her to put the fuel pump back on and i ask for toilet key and she says that due to people vandilizing the toilets they cant give the key out. And i was like WTF! i need to take a leak so bad so i walk off and drove away. We came to our first music store and we went inside. In the amp room there was someone, there are always people in the amp rooms so i waited and corresed a near by recto stack and observed the strange looks from my girlfriend (they just dont understand that sexy chrome panel!) So finally , i went into the amp room, and saw they had no peaveys so i was like WTF! and decided to drive to another store and this store did have the amps i was looking into ( i was looking into the 5150/6505s) but i was to intimidated to go and try it... sales staff are sometimes to professional or not professional enough and then i just decided to go home, what a waste of a day.

Will update later on goto go to work PE@CE - so dont comment (this is a contnuing sotry it just helps me figure out where im going and document whats happening )

Ibanez SZ320
Randall RD75
Mesa boogie single recto series 2
Line 6 Toneport
Mesa boogie single recto series 1
Digitech GNX4
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