greetings fellow guitar freaks!

anyone interested is invited to crit my new song "summer haze" in my profile!

any crit will be replied!

real mellow man...good recording.....the clean tones were really good and you didnt overdo the lead or underplay it either...crit for crit? my thread
Originally posted by Marroon5MustDie
It's spelled khoyaschotsii. Trust me, I'm a Native American. My name is Running Rainbow.
I'm in love with it. The song is very chill and sounds like a slow alt. rock song to me. It seemed to be lacking a bit of something, which I think is probably just a vocal track (which I have a few ideas that popped in my head when I listened to it if you want some examples) Also I can't tell if i was dreaming or not, but it sounded like the drum machine got off your timing or a quick beat just didn't go right somewhere in the song. I'm not sure where it was so like I said it could just be me, but I'll take a couple more listens to it just to make sure.

Overall, great work and I'd like to hear more like it (or maybe another minute added to it if vocals are added, but if thats not your thing i understand and just create more music).
Your talented and keep going with this cause I think you got something.