Hi guys
i have a question

a Multi-effects pedal works good in a Microcube ?
or is better to have an amp of 30/50/60 W
in order that the effects sound better
per example i dont know
Digitech RP350
Multi effects don't go well with modelling amps. If the effects built into the ampdon't sound good enough, you'll probably want a new amp and good quality effects.
not meaning to hyjack the thread but will Multi-fx (like my BOSS ME-50) suck the life out of a nice tube amp, like a Fender HRD or Deluxe Reverb?

TS - I have tried my ME-50 with a spider 15, and it sounded even lousyier than usual (which is saying something). I wouldn't bother.
for what it is worth i think any pedal, multi or not, will sound better on a tube/valve amp vs modeling or hybrid.

for example - on my digitech rp250 the delay on my Fender DSP is maybe 1 or 2 extra repeats, where on my Valveking it is more like 4 or 5 at same relative volume. Flange and wah sound better too imo.

some will say crap in crap out. A better amp at least gives you more choice and most would say to use pedals on clean channels (settings).

; ) hope that helped