I have searched everywhere for this simple advise but I cant figure out if the volume/tone knobs on a warlock bronze just pop off, or screw off, or if they are permanently attached to the pot?

Even the back plate on the back, I cant seem to get it off without fear of scratching the hell outta the guitar, even with all 4 screws off the back plate, I still cant remove the damn thing, its like the electronics plate is glued on or something...

I know its the cheapo bronze warlock, but I still wanna be careful opening it up and I dont wanna break anything like I have before.

Also anyone know where to get replacement pots and stuff for a warlock bronze? Ive even seen clear electronic plates for them and different types of replacement volume knobs on other peoples warlocks but never seen them at my local GC.
The knobs just pull off of the pots. The back control cover plate isn't glued on or anything, it's just that the paint was still tacky when they screwed the cover plate on. So it should just pop off if you take a small flathead screwdriver and place it in the grove in between the conrtol plate and the body of the guitar. You can find new pots, hardware and pretty much anything you would ever need for guitar repare and replacement parts at www.allparts.com or www.stewmac.com and you could also find replacement knobs at www.musiciansfriend.com if you cant find anything you like at those other sites.
If I remember right, the control cavity is pretty tight on those guitars. the warlocks use those smaller pots, usually labeled 'Dime Size'
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I use a tool similar to this
Door Panel Tool
and it works great for removing knobs. Just put a piece of cloth between the tool and the body so you dont mess up the finish!