hello all.....well this summer im working for a machine/ steel shop, i have been working there every summer for the past 5 years, and the boss has given me a raise to 10 bucks an hour. i will be workin about 40-50 hours a week, so i will be making quite a bit of money. i have been wanting a new guitar for about 3 years now and finally will have the money to get a nice one. so i have narrowed it down to 3 guitars...

ibanez s5470


ibanez sv5470


...or save an extra $500 and get the musicman john petrucci signature w/ piezo


i have played both ibanez's but not the musicman, no one around here carries it so i would have to order it, but everyoone says its the sh*t, and have seen demos of it on youtube. so anyone have pros/ cons about these guitars? anyone own one of these? any suggestions?

Get a used JEM like i did
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save up 4 a new JEM
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OK, to me, the second Ibanez looks alright, but it doesn't have a locking nut like the first. Honestly, I've played the JEM, and it's pretty cool. I assume you are playing metal because of the locking trem, and the first guitar looks like a coffee table, so that's out in my mind. Anyway, I'm not very helpful, because I think the first two are tolerable at best, and the music man just looks like hell. like, really bad. Anway, if you like Ibanez, they make some good guitars, and I think the JEM is one of the better ones. HOnestly I wouldn't pay 1700 bucks for any of those. my opinion.
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Uh be sure to try the JP. Amazing guitar but some people don't like the neck because it's too thin and it pretty much sounds like an Ibanez RG since its body's made of basswood.
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