I would like to buy a new guitar, and I'm looking mostly at the ESP LTD EX-400 and the Schecter Hellraiser Avenger. Unfortunately for me they don't sell ESPs where I live and I'll have to drive a few hours to try one out. I have played the avenger, and I can say that it felt very good to play, the strings were close to the fretboard and it just felt easy to play. I'm just wondering based on quality and playability and stuff, how these two guitars fare? Another thought is that I have an epiphone with EMG 81/85s in it, which are the same as the Avenger, while the EX-400 has EMG 81/60. With that being said I'm also open to suggestions for other guitars around the $1000ish price range, I had looked at a Damien 6 or Damien 6 FR, the Floyd Rose would be neat but I've heard it's quite the pain in the ass to change the strings, and even tune. Thanks for any responses guys.
Oh and I'm pretty much buying this exclusively to play metal. (The EX-400 seems to have the Metallica/Megadeth aura with it)
well, schecter and ESP are 2 of the most popular brands out there. i really like the ex400, but if u get the chance to play it, do so. otherwise get the avenger
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