best tube amp under $1,000USD? just needs to be a single channel and id like the option of 100w's to around 50w at the flick of a switch (rather it not be a used twin and try to keep it new but theres no problem with it used) can be head or combo...i havent been able to find an amp theres probably one out there tho...i play blues funk and rock

edit: the amp needs to have amazing cleans i dont care so much on distortion
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Why do need an amp that loud?
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i would say this, but its like 1500 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Twin-Amp-100Watt-AllTube-Guitar-Amp?sku=480649

are you sure you need 100W? Most of the time a 25 watt amp will be miced up, and you will get powertube distortion at a lower volume.

If you don't need 100W then try http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-65-Deluxe-Reverb-Combo-Amp?sku=480507

Edit: if cleans is all you want get the aformention 65 deluxe reverb. Its absolutely nuts!
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thats why i want the option of a swtich =P... though you bring up a very good point ill take that into consideration..im not gettin this anytime soon though so i have along time to think but at the moment that is what im thinking about because when i upgrade i want to know exactly what im getting no spur of the moment decisions
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the thing is i dont have a mic and i dont want to count on having a mic

really, most places have a PA, so you can count on it. Unless your playing like a full auditorium, and arent using the PA for some unknown reason then you do not need 100W . A 30 or 40 watt amp will be as loud as you will ever need. Hell even the 65 which os only 22 watts gets freaking loud!

And mics are cheap. SM57 = $100 and its amazing
another good point but, if there is a mic i could easily solve the problem by just flicking a switch and lowering the wattage
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another good point but, if there is a mic i could easily solve the problem by just flicking a switch and lowering the wattage

but then you are paying an extra $800 for 50 watts of amo that you are NEVER GOING TO USE! I need to be clear on that. Anyways lowering the wattage is great, but why buy a 100W amp and run it on 1/4 power all the time?? Just trying to get you thinking logically here.

But what the hell, its your money, do whatever the hell you want. (but please do alot more research before spending said money)