Bush tax refunds are coming soon and i need to know what to get (dont know if this is right place to post but o well) I have beginner stuff such as the epiphone les paul special 2, marshall mgcd10 or whatever, and a ds-1 pedal. I only have a budget around 350-400$ so i was wondering what guitars, amps, pedals ect.. i should get to upgrade cause i am an intermediate player and the stuff i have now is JUNK (selling old guitar) i prefer strats and ibanez guitars. PLEASE HELP
get am amp, either a cheepish tube amp, or a good ss amp. I would suggest a tube amp..
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Yeah, get an amp, the Special 2 sounds pretty good when played through a decent amp.
Do you use a BR-600?
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peavey valveking 112 fits ur budget
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