Someone I know ordered a yamaha dtxplorer ($700) and they received a $3200 dtxtreme III standard. If this person were to keep this set instead of saying anything are there any legal issues (ie. could they get sued)? Would there be any legal action possible if they said they got the right set if the company called and asked? Would they even be able to find out that you had the wrong one or if you lied about it? Anyway please respond this person is not sure what to do with this ridiculous drums set! also. wouldn't it be your property set since it passed hands through the mail. Isn't it just tough titties for the supplier?
I have been mistakenly sent multiple of the same item and kept them before. I dunno what the law says though.
so if they ask if they sent you the wrong item and you say no could they sue you if they found out about it?
Would this "person" happen to be you? lol and I don't know what the rules are about that stuff.
I don't know, but I think it'd just be too bad for them.

How could they prove it, anyway? You could just say you got the right one and sold it or something...
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I would assume that since they sent it to him and he signed for it that it's now his.
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keep it if they ask about it then tell them but i dont think they will
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