so ive recorded my first song using just my regular speakers there ok i guess (check out my song, www.myspace.com/capernaumband ) im thinking about buying monitors some where around 150-200 dollars nothing very expensive, my question....do i really need to buy monitors listening to my song, would you guys say it will help improve the sound? what would be some options for monitors? Thanks you guys!!
KRK RP-5. $200 for two. M Audio's Studiophiles seem pretty good as well, $150 a pair.

You shouldn't mix on headphones...just use them to pinpoint errors. Grado's SR60s are probably the best value out there, if you don't mind open headphones. They're around $75.
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Headphones are not for mixing and such, they are just for monitoring when tracking or playing your instrument.

I second the KRK RP5s as they are now selling for just $100 at most stores, (thats $50 off what they used to go for).

I'm still waiting for reports on those new 5" Mackie monitors that came out. At $150 each they seem reasonable.
I think you can get the Wharfedale DP8's for around $200. I find them to be pretty good.
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A couple of months ago I got a pair of Behringer Truth B2031P moniters from Musicians Friend. They were factory refurbs and cost $119. I'm driving them with a 60 watt JVC receiver and they work just fine and sound great to my ears.

In a home style studio, headphones are the most practical method for most of the mixing/recording.

Otherwise you have to constantly switch between headphones while recording, and then back to your monitors for mixing. You don't want to use your monitors during recording or you need a isolated control booth.

Also your monitors must be correctly located in a room with proper acoustics. This is not always easy to do in a home studio. They also need to be reference monitors, not crap or you are just mixing to a bad reference, good headphones at least provide a good reference sound. But spatial can get fooled and the bass response is also messed up with headphones. So a final mixing with monitors is a good idea.

So it is a compromise to only use headphones. But then you would be in pro studio already if you were not ready to compromise.
...I still think monitors are better than headphones...even with no acoustic treatment.
AS for switching between monitors and phones for recording/mixing, you can just set the monitors on the CR out and then use your phones on a sub out on your interface.
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...I still think monitors are better than headphones...even with no acoustic treatment.

I agree. I help help a gal that is one of my MySpace friends with some of her mixes because she only has headphones and sometimes has trouble getting them balanced. When I first started I was recording on a Fostex 4 track cassette and then bringing that over to the PC and was mixing down to stereo off the Fostex with headphones and believe me...there is a BIG difference in what you hear with speakers vs headphones.