I got a Yamaha PA system there today with 2 speakers each 350 watt and working grand. My band mates had their intruments go through it, i.e vocals, bass. Then it came my turn to plug in.

So i put my guitar through a boss metalcore pedal, then i put the output lead into the PA and got myself level with the rest of the band. Except I started to notice that I was gettin alot of feedback, so i went through the mixer, did everything with the level knob on the pedal. everything. And still got feedback, the only thing that lowered the feedback was setting my pickup selector the bridge pickup.

But theres still loads of feedback. I prefare using my middle pickup on my GRG Ibanez as it gives a thicker sound.

How would I go about reducing the feedback? Would a noise gate pedal be any good?

Any help would be appreciated. Tanx
EQ on the mixer? drop some of the higher frequencies.
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Correct me if im wrong, but why arent you just mikeing amps? That might be a solution. Also turn down the gain on the pedal, that could be your problem or stand farther away from the speakers.
Is it a powered mixer or mixer and amp. Either way mixers do not like to eat a direct signal. Thats why they make a thing called a di box. Direct in. You will never achieve the potential of that mixer the way you are doing it. Like mentioned before mic your amps or use the line outs if the amps have em. Good luck
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