I have a peavey bandit 112 that doesn't have a standard headphone out jack, but it does have an external speaker thing.

Above it, it says something like 8 ohms, 100 watts...I don't know, I can't really check because I am not at home right now and I just remembered that I needed to ask this.

Anyways, If I plug in my headphones into the external speaker out, will anything blow or will the quality of the tone just get screwed up?

It's one of the old bandits with the red stripe at the bottom btw.
youll blow your headphones.
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I don't think it would screw anything up unless you cranked it up way loud in which case it might blow the speakers in your headphones, but I think the sound quality will prolly be crap.
The phones will quit. It does have a speaker simulated out jack. I'm not sure if it puts sound into headphones but the cab still functions so...
Do you use a BR-600?
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You'll blow your headphones and probably your amp. Once the headphones burn out the amp wont have anywhere to put the sound, your output transformer will blow.
I dont think speaker simulated out is for headphones. If it doesnt have a jack that says "headphones" then you dont get to use em. A 100 watts going into headphones will wipem out really fast and probably your amp to.