I want to grab some tickets for Gigantour, and it's $17 for the ticket. Thing is, ticketmaster charges $12 in fees. Any other route to buy tickets?
See if they sell them at the venue itself. Unless it's really far away.
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if its only $17 a ticket, thats like $29 a ticket through ticketmaster, so whats the big deal?

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on the options on ticketmaster just select will call. the venue holds the ticket for you but you have to pay in advance.

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go to the place where the concert is
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Record stores, venues, ticketmaster outlets, and sometimes there's other places.
They are $17 because the arena I'm going to has the regular front row and all that were the pits are for almost $40 and then the hill seats for $17 (DTE Energy Music Theater/ aka Pineknob)