My band is planning to do some covers of the top 10 or so punk rock, classic rock, or any kind of rock we can. Any ideas? We are going for things such as Are You Gonna Be My Girl by JET or Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apperatus. -Peace Out
Maybe Whole Lotta Love or Kashmir in place of Stairway to Heaven. People might get a bit bored if you go through the whole of Freebird and Stairway .
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Sweet Home Alabama
Free Bird
Stairway to Heaven

well that should cover the classic rock side of things...

those all sound sort of cliche.

I'd recommend any good Rolling Stones, Who, Kinks, or Doors number from the sixties. Try "Street Fightin' Man", "Substitute", "You Really Got Me", and "Back Door Man". They're all well known but not overdone.
The Doors. . . Especially if you have someone who can play a keyboard. "People Are Strange," and "Break on Through to the Other Side."
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try some old rush songs
anything off Rush or Fly By Night
or you could do Passage to Bangkok, off 2112