its a bolt on neck, but instead of it bolting into just wood, its a machine-screw, not a wood screw, with the posts in the neck. its quite awesome, it increases sustain, ALOT. its a very good idea, and no one has patented the system yet. its basically the way to go for bolt-ons, it will get tighter than wood-screws will, metal to metal will increase wood vibration, plus it will just be generally cleaner. a perfect neck pocket is very hard to come by.
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Okay if I had a CNC machine, how do you do it? Do I put some sort of metal brackets into my neck and put screws into it? Where do I get the parts, Lowes?
i was going to go this route with my build but had some issues with it.

first, the 10-32 inserts I wanted to use were brass which was the only thing available at any hardware store I went to. I tested on a piece of wood and found that keeping them straight when screwing them in was a real pain.

also, once you get them straight and try to screw them in you run a risk of the screwdriver digging into the wood before the insert is flush with the wood

i also broke one of the inserts (brass is really soft) trying to install it into the sample and freaked out and decided that unless i could get the hardened steel ones (mcmaster carr has them but i'm not driving all that way) i would just use the tried and true screws used for bolt on necks
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you have to use T-nuts, underneath your fingerboard before you glue it up. its very challenging, but honestly not worth it at all.
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