This came to mind when thinking about the "For the vegetarians" thread that just disappeared from the forums.

I can understand the locking of threads by admins when posts become inflamatory or offensive, but deletion seems overly crude and harsh. Especially for those of us who have put lot of time into our responses. Couldn't the threads just be locked? Surely that would mean it disappears soon anyway, but without the thread disappearing into the ether. I don't think thread deletion is appropriate on necesarry for any forum. No matter how busy.
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What if there's something completely outrageous and inappropriate, like a shock picture posted?

I know that I wouldn't want to click a locked thread, whether it be by accident or for a laugh at the spam and recently banned, to see, say, castrated genitals. Which has been posted here before.
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I don't think they delete threads, unless it's pornography. I believe they use them against rule breakers in the FoTB, and if a thread is gone, they have no evidence.
Cause some mods like to think there more important then they are and they go on power trips.

Some actually know what there doing though and only do it for porn and shock images.