Unfortunately, no pictures. However, the point I mostly want to touch on is finish, but I'll get to that later.

A friend of mine was on his way home from MSU and decided to stop in to get a string change on a classical he built (and generally show it off). It was easily the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Maple binding, solid rosewood back and sides, solid AAAA cedar top, ebony fretboard and bridge. What was so interesting was that it had no decoration at all. The headstock was a paddle shape, there was no rosette, no decoration on the bridge where the strings attach, only a rosewood heelcap, etc. What absolutely blew me away was the finish: pure carnauba wax, buffed to a gloss. He said he had to take extremely good care of it, since the finish offered little protection, but it was worth it.

I've never played a classical like this in my life. I put some new Aquila gut strings (at his request) and played it for almost an hour. It was just a gem. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this type of finish being used?
Sincerely, Chad.
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