|chocolates or vinegar?|

  at first, i thought that i loved you
  and as time went by, i was more unsure
  maybe i don't know love, but looks

how could i find a better place then here
i loved you so many times, didn't i?
i just wanted you to see, i'm no game

  i knew where to look to find you
  i would softly whisper and you'd reply
  "quiet, please, so he does not hear"

i've been told secrets are lies, many times
but it had to be a secret
you didn't know who to love more, did you?

  i have been a little too nice
  i think i should go, i can take a hint
  him over me, it always was.

i'm sure you can see the writing pattern. i'm sure you can tell what it's about, it's not too abstract. any comments appreciated.
there are many here among us, who feel that l i f e is

but a [B]joke[/B]. but you and i have been through that, and this is not our [size="1"]fate[/SIZE].
If you check out the rules you can see why this was closed, then you can repost this.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.