Im testing the waters as to what I could get for my JCM800 2205. I realize I really dont need a half stack for my purposes and would just rather get a combo for my playing style. Its from 1983, and had brand new JJ power tubes (EL34's) and electro-harmonix 12AX7's (more gain). The head sounds amazing itself with the new tubes, and is in great condition. I have a footswitch which is a generic marshall one to switch the channels, and everything works as far as im concerned. Im located in the US, and will accept trades for a similar combo amp and pedals or straight cash, so offer away! Id like to get a decent amount as this is a pretty rare find, but send me an offer and Ill see what I think.

My pm's dont work here so email me at kevinshahrpass@hotmail.com
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can u throw up some pics?
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definitely dude hook us up with some pics
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whats the general price range you looking for?
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ehhhh id probably say around 1300ish, I also have a 4x12 cab I can include for extra loaded with celestions