So I have until tomorrow night to figure this out, due to gigging. I have a Piezo pickup that has too much midrange. It's passive and uses a volume knob and 3 way switcher for my electric single coil in the neck. This is a custom guitar, so yea. I need to boost bass, middle, and treble on my single coil and cut mids from my Piezo.

My theory: Capacitors boost signal and Resistors cut signal.

If correct, what range should I use to cut mids on an acoustic guitar and what 3 capacitors should I use to boost the signal on my single coil? I'm looking for an entirely passive alternative to a preamp.
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I got some good guitars, yo.
Um... from an electrical standpoint, capacitors are circuit devices that "charge" to a certain charge potential and then release a charge.

Resistors are materials that resist the flow of electricity.

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