Hey there guys. In my web design class at school i have been given the asignment to create a web site (big surprise i know) about anything we want to make it about. I chose to do mine about the various techniques used while playing bass. I need sound clips of each, and since i don't the skill or the equiment to record them myself, i was just going to use clips from songs. I need examples of fingerstyle, slap/pop, tapping, and upright with bow. So if you guys have any ideas of good sounds with great examples i would like to hear them. If you could name the song and the time in the song that you can best hear the example, i will very thankful.

My ideas:
Fingerstlye- The Who: My Generation
Slap/Pop: Victor Wooten:mU Can't Hold No Groove
Tapping: Racer X: Sacrificed
Upright w/ bow: ???
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Fingerstlye- The Who: My Generation

He used a pick for the studio version. lol

For fingerstyle, try the Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin. You can hear it clearly in the breakdown.

Why not include pickstyle? If you decide to do so, try Maxwell Murder by Rancid. Its a nice example of pick playing. Theres a bass solo in it so it will be easy to rip the right part of it.
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look up Victor Wooten

didya... didya not look at the examples he already provided.

My generation is picked, and not even a good example of picking.
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good slap song is POW by graham central station

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Upright w/bow = Mr Krinkle - Primus.
Upright pizzicato = The Air is Getting Slippery - Primus.
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Upright w/ bow- Yo Yo Ma (well, cello, but its close enough)
Slap- Classical Thump, Vic Wooten
Slap and Pop- http://youtube.com/watch?v=DSdvqkwFj_s
Tapping- I have no idea who this guy is but, wow...http://youtube.com/watch?v=sNnyEpK2jMY

EDIT: Fingerstyle- Anything by JACO
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tapping has to be the solo from metropalis by dream theater
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