This thread is for all those bands that just create really relaxing and beautiful music. Alot of this stuff is instrumental, but not all of it.

So post up all the bands/songs that are really relaxing.

Note: I don't have links to websites with songs for every group. Sorry. Alot of this stuff is pretty un-discovered.

Dance of the Mourning Child

Celtic - Sounds of Middle Earth << I could only find the second disc online.

Shamaani Duo


Howard Shore - LoTR Soundtrack

DHT - Titanic Techno/Trance Remix

ATB - Don't Stop
Pretty much anything by Bob Marley will have a mellow upbeat groove. Ben harper has some good relaxing stuff as well.
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Sigur Ros
Explosions in the Sky
Pelican's newer album
older Pelican and Isis do in a heavier way (recommended only if you like metal)