Hey this is my band tell me what you think of the new recordings...criticism and any general comment is appreciated My band
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It's spelled khoyaschotsii. Trust me, I'm a Native American. My name is Running Rainbow.
fall out:
good song man , i think the guitar should be just a litttttle louder in some parts or maybe they get a little under the mix because there is no bass,dunno.
guitar work is pretty solid also , i think the solos needed some more work tho little sloppy here and there(it ain't bad , hell no , but it could be a little better so it's as pro as the rest haha)
both singers do an really awesome job

Running through walls:
something got me off , in the intro , i think it's the slow fade in of the snare's kinda off beatish?dunno.
the clean vocals seem a little loud here , again just a little little lol
rest of it is as the other song pretty good , nothing else to crit really.

all in all , everything fits really good!
not really my kind of music BUT it's good made music so that doesn't matter haha

keep up the good work!

c4c? you don't need to crit on all of them!(but you can ofcourse , if you want)
english is not my native language
Hey man, like the guitars of fall out. Riffs stick in ur head, still there as I type this! Vocals are good, nice screams. Some slight timing issues with the drums, nothing major and could be solved by practicing and recording to a click track. Nothing that would be noticed in a live setting but recordings expose any flaws in timing. Drumming itself is good and the style suits the riffs. Overall, guitar work and vocals are nailing it, tighten up the drums and you have yourselves some good stuff!
Thanks for the crit. It's not the kind of music I listen to often [to be honest] but it's very well recorded, I like the riffs, nice solo, the drumming is good, not a fan of screaming personally but it suits the genre, bass needs to be a bit higher in the mix. Overall good song, even though not my type of thing. Good work
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