I have finally saved up enough money to purchase a Gibson Les Paul Standard. I have $2000 after months of saving. I was wondering what people's thoughts were on me just buying a les paul vs building one via warmoth.

If I was to buy a standard I can't really customize it the way I want, and I have to spend another $200 on pickups. I wanted to get the guitar in trans blue, but that color has been discontinued.

If I build it through warmoth, it will only cost about $1650 to get all the parts for the les paul, and i can get it to look exactly the way I want, and have the parts I want. The bad thing is when I put it together I could mess it up, and I don't know if the quality will equal a les paul standard.
Im mainly concerned with the the quality that would come out of me making one the way I want vs just buying one. Its cheaper and its gonna be my own special guitar, exactly the way I want, but will it sound as good?

Another thing is the warmoth would be a bolt-on, vs the Gibson set-neck. However, pretty much all my research has caused me to come to the conclusion that a bolt-on's sustain at least equal a set-neck.

I have no experience with guitar building, so this would be my first build, but Im fairly confident that i could put a guitar together.
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If you have experience in guitar customizing, I'd say go for it.
i can say if u build one theres maps on ebay for the les paul to make sure u don't mess it up its an exact blue print
you could find a used lp that meets your specs
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if you've been saving for months and this would be your first time guitar building i really wouldnt reccommend it, simply put you might not be happy with your build and that months of saving will feel all for nothing...just my input bro but whatever you want to do go for it
The warmoth guitars are really nice. Alot of nice options can be had like the beveled heel on the neck pocket which makes em play alot easier. Also a tummy cut not something to be had on a gibson LP. I would build my own any day rather than pay gibsons jacked up prices. Being a lefty its really the only option as the cheapest gibson LP I can get is 2500 bucks. I built 2 warmoth guitars a strat and a LP for 1800 including new hard cases.
think of it this way, if your nightmare comes true building one, your screwed. but if somethings wrong with the Gibson LP, you can always take it back and get a new one

thats too much money for me to gamble with... maybe not for you tho
Look into a custom made Carvin. You could probably pretty much get it spec'd out how you want and they build it for you and IMO its much higher quality than any stock Gibson. It will probably be cheaper too. www.carvin.com
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if really want to DIY practice on some crappy behrenger removing and reinstalling pups, pots, switches, ect
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just a suggestion

get the gibby and repaint it?

risky but... yeah- just a suggestion

good luck
If you have never put a guitar together I would definitely say no and it obviously sounds like this would be your first.

Putting anything together on your own with out any type of experience or know how is a great way to waste time and money whether it be guitars cars computers etc.

On the other hand, if you have been doing it for a while and know for sure you know what your doing, Id still say no. the difference is only 350 dollars... i could understand if you were saving at least half. Its not worth it IMO.