what are songs you listen to when you just need to clear your ****ing mind
for me:
I Never Came-Queens of the Stone Age
Time-Pink Floyd (hell pretty much any floyd would do here)
weird fishes-Radiohead
1983-Jimi Hendrix (anyone who says jimi hendrix cant write songs listen to this)
The Mitch Clem formula
1)make jokes about rancid and NOFX (as if they dont already make fun of themselves)
2)make obvious punk puns, possibly related to food
3)make fun of Rancid and NOFX again
5)PROFIT (and an army of internet fanboys)
I Stay Away - Alice in Chains

Slow Burn - Atreyu

I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 - A7x

December - Collective Soul

Who Are You? - The Who
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I Never Came-Queens of the Stone Age

That's a good one.
1979, Disarm, Soma - Smashing Pumpkins
Music Box - Thrice
Mexico, Talk Shows On Mute, Just A Phase - Incubus
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Everlong, Long Road to Ruin-Foo Fighters

The Middle-Jimmy Eat World

Teenage Wasteland-The Who

My Name is Jonas-Weezer
modest mouse - the world at large

smashing pumpkins - 1979

black sabbath - planet caravan

pretty much songs that are sorta like that.
Go Veg.
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Teenage Wasteland-The Who

The correct name is Baba O'Riley, but excellent choice.
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Haikus are awesome
but sometimes they don't make sense

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People always tell me I solo like Zakk Wylde. Thats how I know that I suck.