okay so my friend showed me this after we got high the other day. apparently it works when your not high. he said it was called monkey breath. what you do is get down on your knees (like your tying your shoe or something) and start breathing really heavily. do this for like 30 seconds and then when you stand up take a deep breath in and hold this in for like 15 seconds. you start to black out and get ****in crazy light headed. has anyone ever done this or heard of this? i dont know if its safe because im sure it is cutting off oxygen to your brain but it is really crazy how intense it is if you do it for a long time. any way disccuss
Why would you want to do that?
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It's called passing out. This is also done by asphyxiation and inhaling whippets. It's just cutting off oxygen-rich blood supplies to your brain, which causes it to freak out and shut down.

IT'S NOT HEALTHY DAMMIT. I hate it when I hear about things like this. You're only damaging brain cells which can lead to permanent damage if repeated.
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do it faggot.

don't do it.
you'll end up seriously hurting your brain, and body cause you'll fall and hurt yourself and lose brain cells blah blah..
I did something like this when I was like 13 and didn't know any better. Except the way I did it was I stood on my hands for 30 seconds, then held my breath while someone pushed hard on my chest. Of course, I was only 13 and learned shortly after how incredibly dangerous it is to do that.
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well if u take a hit then stand up its called an elevator hit
its fun and it gets u messed up quick 2
yeah i've done it, except when i hold my breath, someone pushes on my chest. it works really good.
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also get ur friend to kick you in that nuts, its fun trust me.................do you trust me?
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I did something like this when I was like 13 and didn't know any better. Except the way I did it was I stood on my hands for 30 seconds, then held my breath while someone pushed hard on my chest. Of course, I was only 13 and learned shortly after how incredibly dangerous it is to do that.

wow how do you stand on your hands with someone pushing your chest? like against the wall or something?
^Well, have fun on your death bed, a few people have already died from doing that. (To the pushing on the chests)
BS, it's called a freaking head rush. i do it all the time with two other drummers on the way to and from school band events. i've never done drugs, but i think head rushes are pretty crazy. what i do is put my head down between my knees, breath in and out deeply about fifty times, then sit up real fast, suck in and hold it (until i pass out), and push my chest out. i pass out then, and it gets crazy. lots of my friends do and say all kinds of weird crap, like you'll just start saying random stuff and spit all over people, and what you're saying has nothing to do with what's going on in your head. i just sit there and do nothing, but whatever's going through my head is pretty crazy. the first time, since we were on the school bus at night, i did it, and i thought that the bus was like going straight down through this big dark tunnel with blue circular lights all over the place, and then i woke up and i was like WTF, because you never realize that you've done a head rush until you wake up. another time i imagined i was laying on the floor in the band room, and there were meat hooks all over the place and everyone was crowding around me, cutting me open and butchering me. you see the craziest stuff, and it's weird because it literally feels like hours, and sometimes it's only like a second or two. i have two funny head rush stories.

first one, i'm pretty sure i could've been killed. i did one at my friend's house, and, in a moment of sheer stupidity, i did the head rush standing up. when i passed out, (this is according to my two friends) i fell backwards, slammed the back of my head, about an inch from my spine or whatever, off of the corner of his desk, and then rolled and fell face-first onto his bed. they were like "holy sh*t.." and just kind of stared at me in shock. i could've been dead, and they did nothing for a minute and a half. i have great friends. anywho, i wake up after about a minute and a half, and i was like "woh, what happ...AW ****" cause my head hurt pretty bad. i touched where it hurt, and it was bleeding. for about an hour, they kept telling me that my one friend, Randy, had thrown a pair of needle nose pliers at the back of my head, so i was like WTF, and then they told me what happened. i still had a head ache the next day, it was pretty sweet.

next. on the way back from band contest, i was sitting behind this openly bi trumbone player, Jim, who i always thought was a douchebag anyway, and i did a head rush. this was one of the ones where i was aware of what was going on, but idk, i didn't really realize it until i woke up. i started slamming my head back and forth against the back of my seat and then biting the back of his seat. and i guess everytime i bit the back of his seat, i was blowing snot out of my hose onto the back of his head. so he turned around and he's like "Tom, did you just sneeze on me?" and i was just freaking out, slamming my head back and forth, so he's like "Tom!!", then grabs my arm "TOM!!!" and i woke up, and he was like "what the hell are you doing?" and i just said "woh, i don't know, sorry".

anyway, yeah. if you do decide to do a headrush, make sure you're sitting down somewhere secure, or better yet, laying face down. the way my friends do it, is they kneel down on a sleeping back, and the stack a bunch of pillows where their face lands when they pass out. that works pretty good. but yeah, have someone with you to make sure you don't do anything to crazy (even though you most likely won't), and make a video of it so i can see.

EDIT: i don't do this all the time; throughout the entire school year, i do less than ten, and it's always on band events on the bus.
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