i am a new owner of a toneport gx. it is the cheap 50 dollar model and it is not equipted with plug in and is not silver or gold model.

I updated the drivers and also updated to version 3.60

I was looking at this link and saw all those extra models , effects etc


I thought that was free with the updates? Is there a way i can get more models and effects for free?
Nope, line6 is very detailed when it comes to keeping their silver and gold software packs off the net for free download.

They are not worth the extra money IMO though, I never found the quality of gearbox to be great. I suggest trying Amplitube or some other higher quality modeling program.
if I were to get amplitube would I be able to use the toneport gx for connecting guitar and pc etc. and still utilize amplitube to its fullest quality or at least much better than the gearbox program? does amplitube come with an interface like that toneport?