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40 62%
25 38%
Voters: 65.
I love the look of maple just cause it matches the headstock.

fretboard and headstock not matching = no good
A light-ish rosewood, like the sunburst strat. Too dark and it just doesn't look right.
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Whichever feels and sounds right, by i say with a strat- maple
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Depends on the finish.

Pao Ferro > both.
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one day ill own a 3 tone sunburst fat strat with a maple fretboard! one day..

yea i <3 maple
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i wouldn't even make a decision on how it looks but how it sounds, resonates and is cared for. i like putting lemon oil on her and the warmer sounds. hard to do with maple.

PS - i always thought maple fretboards on strats looked cool.

I have rosewood, so that is what I voted for. I also have a black guitar. Rosewood, even with a maple headstock shows attention to sound and the fret board (kinda like a mod) and has it's own contrast.

maple looks better on most fenders minus Jags, Jazzmasters & Mustangs.
but rosewood feels so much better.
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On a strat it really depends on what color the body is. Personally I like maple on sunburst or white strats. Most solid colours id prefer the looks of rosewood.
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I vastly prefer maple on almost every colour of strats. I'd say rosewood and maple are equal on white or 3-tone sunburst strats.
I love the look of rosewood mostly. Some colors look better with maple(like the blue one).
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maple on solid colors. rosewood on sunbursts rosewood is more comfortable though, but maple gives strats the nice twang
I love how maple looks, but rosewood gives a slightly darker tone that I prefer.
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ebony, but in terms of this thread i cant really decide... depends on the guitar, they both look good... i prefer ebony over rosewood though, the dark black/brown really looks better than the reddish brown of the rosewood on any guitar
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i prefer rosewood usually,exept on a colorful strat (red, blue, ect.)
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is it just me (outside of a few exceptions)?

do folks like maple becasue it LOOKs better or plays better?

seems that the ones that like the rosewood like it for the sound. i'll take sound over looks.

what do you guys think looks best on an all black strat?

whenever i want to see the Maple on Black contrast I just turn my guitar around. HA!

(I actually do that a lot);
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