hey guys

is it safe to use power supply to both those pedal?? ...

because in the both manual it says

WARNING: Use only the 9.6VDC/200mA AC adapter the Holy Grail + comes supplied with.
Do not use any other AC adapters. Using other AC adapters, even those made by Electro-
Harmonix, could cause harm to the unit, the adapter or you. The Holy Grail + does not use batteries ...

please help me guys
I've heard a couple stories of units getting fried by wrong polarity and stuff, but I would say try it and if it doesn't work it doesn't work.
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Yeah, i've used say a psa-120 on an old boss phaser pedal that requires a different adapter and it worked perfectly fine. The companies just say those things to be safe, but i guess it's possible that something could happen. It's kinda up to you if you want to try it.
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