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Ok, so I decided I'm going to enter the Talent Show next year at my school to come out at first place fo sho... and I'm a bit stuck on what song to play. The talent show would be next year's and I need to start practicing now so I can impress the judges hardcore. here are my choices:

-No Boundaries (Michael Angelo Batio)

-Trilogy Suite Op. 5 (Yngwie Malmsteen)

-Jaws Of Life (John Petrucci p.s. is there any way to do this song on a 6-string?)

-Far Beyond The Sun (Yngwie Malmsteen)

-Cliffs Of Dover (Eric Johnson)

-For The Love Of God (Steve Vai)

-I Cum Blood (Cannibal Corpse)

Feel free to recommend any more songs... So far I'm thinking either Far Beyond The Sun, Jaws Of Life, or Trilogy Suite.
ANY Say Anything song acoustically played is AMAZING.

But out of your options, play For The Love Of God
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lol to above

if i gotta pick out of your choices, it would be cliffs of dover
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Stare At The Sun (Acoustic) - Thrice

That'll blow everyone's mind!
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for the love of god or cliffs of dover would actually be pretty sweet.
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Ocean by John Butler
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normal people dont like the sound of shredding. play something people will like.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Cliffs of Dover.
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Ocean by John Butler

This one!
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Make up your own song. It's far more impressive than doing covers.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Any JBT song!
Or, Keilbasa-The D
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cliffs of dover for sure.

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cliffs of dover, but only if you do it absolutely perfectly, like play nothing except that until it happens in order to practice.

otherwise it sucks
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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Make up your own song. It's far more impressive than doing covers.

yeah and the best part of that is if ya f-up cause of nerves or whatever, they might not even know it cause they dont know the song
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usually to win something like that, you've got to win both the judges and audience. You ought to play a song that most people know and enjoy. If you play a song that is amazing in the perspective of a guitarist, it's not likewise for a person outside of the spectrum.
Cliffs of Dover, or pretty much anything by Malmsteen, Satriani or Vai.
Carry Me Home - The Living End

it's fun to play, showy but not impossible (tho it is really REALLY hard in the solo) and people will know it because it was in guitar hero II.
FTLOG is overdone.

Crushing Day by Satch? The first solo isn't hard but sounds cool, and the second is unreal but should be doable if you can sweep well.
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start off "its so nice to be in this beautiful school with you beautiful people"

also try having a fan blowing your hair so it defies gravity
I think people would be more impressed if you played and sang an acoustic song. Also you would be way better off doing anything less lame that Micheal Angelo Batio, hahaha. He's good, but damn it he's lame, haha.
You didnt list Satriani but my vote goes for Always with Me Always with You. If not that then Cliffs of Dover for sure.
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Out of your list, Cliffs of Dover. As awesome Batio, Malmsteen and Vai are, I don't all out shred would connect very well with a croud of teenagers with varied musical tastes.
I do loves me some Ocean, though.
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You didnt list Satriani but my vote goes for Always with Me Always with You. If not that then Cliffs of Dover for sure.


They probably won't know the song but even the most casual music listener's jaw will drop when they hear that song.
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