it depends on what you want, one is not 'better' than the other. i prefer the feel of rosewood, some people swear by maple. so it depends.
^Just see what works best for you.
I prefer the tone and feel of rosewood fretboards, but everyone has different tastes.
When you're talking about frets, once again, personal preference.

I know that strats and other fenders have smaller frets, whereas gibsons and guitars like that have bigger frets. There are some exceptions with models though (like the yjm strat, which has big frets)
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I hear people talk about different fretboards materials being "faster" than others... what are they talking about and what are the differences?
^They're just talking rubbish really. Some fretboards may feel faster to them, but its jsut their own opinion, its not a fact of any sort.

My personal preference is maple.
For those who care.
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Best fretboard I ever played on was maple, but maple fretboards are a lot less common than rosewood or even ebony.
Prefer maple on Strats and Teles and Ebony on all other guitar-types. I can't say which is best.
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Everybodies hands are different so one persons "fast" neck is to small to another. So there is no one best neck. If it were so easy there would only be one kind to buy.
Generally I prefer rosewood fretboards, but maple on a Strat. I think the difference is in the hardness of the wood. Rosewood seems to have a little more "give" to it, making it more controllable, more tactile. Maple feels a little more slippery, often finished, and thusly maybe a little faster. The speed of the fretboard depends on the height and width of the frets (and minorly by the wood...see previous sentence). The lower the heights, the faster (shorter speedbumps). A wider fret is like a broader speedbump...there's more of a feeling of fluidity in transition. Of course fretting over a too wide fret may increase buzzing and effect tone. The best one to use live is the one you prefer. Chances are you have no preference so it doesn't really matter.