What are some ways to get parts to sound cleaner for recording and playing live. Right now I learn my parts and play them to a metronome and cd but that is it. I'm looking for ways to practice parts so that they can get to the flawless perfection level. If you know of any other way to practice to improve the cleanness of my playing or improve my technique. I'm trying to get my playing to a recording sound quality with my live playing, as I've seen done wile studying jazz guitarists.
Work on the technique of how you actually play the notes. Play at 1/4 speed and see how clean you can play, then use the same technique at full speed. Often, you try and play differently when its faster, so that can make you sloppier.
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Slow it done, analyze what you're doing, keep playing it. Other than that, I see nothing else you could really do besides playing it to a metronome or click track.
There's a couple of books I've got which talk about practicing music for perfection or mastery. Those are Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner and The Priniciples of Correct Practice for Guitar by Jamie Andreas.

There was a thread (now archived I believe) which discussed at length the types of practice methods advocated in said books. It was called the 21 day method I think. Try a search for that thread in the first instance and you might want to look into getting hold of those books.

The method was along the lines of meditative focus, very low practice speeds and above all the metronome not being used as a means of dragging your performance speed up.

See if the 21 day post is the kind of thing you're looking for