i have been browsing around on this forum and have decided i will purchase a carvin v3. My question is would the head sound good with a Vader 2x12 cab or something else like an Avatar or a Basson. also would the Carvin v3 combo amp sound better or worse compared to the head running through one of the 2x12 cabs above. no need for a 4x12 i dont need to blow my living room windows out just yet. i listen to music like nothingface,factory81,reveille,spineshank,chimaira,devildriver,drykilllogic,diecast,ETC.

I really like the 6505 gain but for a good 1st tube amp i really want something that covers cleans as well as gain. i will also be running a effect board through it like a boss gt-8. so a dedicated clean channel is a must have. i will be playing a ltd viper 400 with emg's of course.

would appreciate feedback from all u gearheads out their!
Anything with V30 speakers seems perfect.

Just don't write in red, I'm using the Ug black scheme and i cant read it without having to highlight it.
For those who care.
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There is a guy that roams the Carvin forums and he uses a 2x12 cab. The front is like black mesh that has big holes, like expanded steel almost. Go for it; i would if i had the chance, a 4x12 is too big for my and my V3.
the vader cabs are pretty awesome if you've got the dosh
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