Poll: do you think theres a limit on how extreme music can get?
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View poll results: do you think theres a limit on how extreme music can get?
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Voters: 20.
i checked the search bar didn't find what i was looking for so
this is what i'm thinking..

is there an extent or limit to how extreme and brutally ear bleeding music can get thats humanly possible? or is it endless and we'll just keep progressing endlessly with music so extreme and ear bleeding that people's ear drums will melt with one song?

any feedback or opinions?
yea, it would be great if modern music got even crappier....

but yes, it will get worse.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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yeah of course.....you have to make music that is listenable if that makes sense...you cant just go overboard. This question depends on the listener and how extreme they want thier music to be.
Yes, but the majority of people won't realise it
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