yea, soo i want to buy a sg this summer and install the gibson tailpiece and tremolo sorta like the angus young signature, where can i get it and installed?
If your looking for a wammy bar they wont do it. They only really do vibrato. And everything I have ever seen about em says hard to keep in tune. Its funny they call it the angus signature but Ive never seen him use one.
Quote by forsaknazrael
They have the Maestro style Vibrolas here:

No engravings on them, though.

Don't know why you'd want one, though. They don't really have much range, and really **** up your guitar's tuning. Poor tuning stability.

cool thanks for telling me that before i got one on. saved me my lunch money lol.
yea you could put a bigsby on an sg though.....
But if you get one, I would definately recommend getting a roller bridge, and or locking tuners and it wouldnt be a big problem...

but like forsaken said, you can get decent vibrato without any kind of unit, it really isn't worth it, unless your play still requires some serious vibrato...
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