The song is currently called For The Record only because on the recording (before I cut it out) I said "For the record, this is my 8th attempt" kinda made me laugh so I stuck with it.

Quick info about it: the triples in the verse are sloppy, i know that, still working on getting them down solid, the palm muted part about half way through or so is for a lead solo or will be replaced with a bridge (once I finish getting a lead guitarist and a vocalist for the band). The rest of the song, comment about, tear it apart, anything you can say about it will be good criticism.

The Link:

Ok first thing i noticed, did u record line in. it sound like there is a large noise gate on the clean guitar.

But the pattern and structure of the intro does sound nice.

The chorus riff i think is pretty catchy,

The verse will sound cool once it has good lyrics and vocal melody above it

The tone wise of the recording is not great so im bypassing that part.

Nice structure of the song. ending where it first began with the clean melodic part

some parts can be cleaned up a bit by using a metronome i dont think u did, or if u did u just made some mistakes but hey life continues

Overall its a good rhythm track and once the actual thing, drums, vocals, bass etc etc are created and recorded wel lthe song will be great
Heh, I blame the tone problem on the fact that my new amp hasn't arrived yet(Line 6 scorpion III) and I'm going through a 10 watt with a blown speaker, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. I didn't use a metronome and didn't even think about it til you just said. Next time i record it i'll make sure to do that. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll make sure to crit your stuff if i havn't already.