hello everyone

this is my first post on UG forums

i have just started playing guitar, as in i bought a guitar starer kit a few days ago. it came with some cheap guitar, amp, lead, tuner, all the basics and nothing flash.

i know how tot une my guitar and all and wanna start playing things so i look up tabs, then i relaise they are insanely hard. what should i do to slowly get better? what should I play? I dont have a teacher so im on my own here.

can any1 post some URL's of easy things that i should play/practise? I looked through the total begginers section of lessons on this site but it just wasnt wat i was looking for.

EDIT: o ye and i have some experience with music, ive played the flue for about 2 and a half years.


(ye the same one from dota forums if ur wondering and use dota forums)
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firstly, welcome to UG!

secondly, i think the best way to go about it is to learn some simple chords first. C G A D etc and then slowly start expanding your horizons, in terms of chord complexity, fills, whatever. Have fun!
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if u can read music ur best bet would b to find a begginer guitar instructional book writtin with out tabature. lots of guitarist can't read teh muzics.

but first things first run through a bunch of scales and do the chromatic execersize tyo build up finger strength
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welcome m8!

try learning some chords as Sol9989 said already, you can also try simple songs/licks you are interested in. look for songs with a low tempo to start of with, what music are you interested in?

have fun!
oh yea chords...i forgot about those. an easy song with chords is "wild thing",
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

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Tab is fairly easy to read. Basically, the fat string (or sixth string) Is the bottom line, and it works it's way up. The number on the line tells you where to place your finger on the fret board on the corresponding string. Read it left to right like anything else you read. That's basically it. And if you understand that, click the lessons link on UG and type the word Beginner in, and go through those, the lessons are pretty good. Rock on. Welcome to the wonderful world of guitar
Welcome to Ultimate guitar.

If you have just started guitar playing, and you don't have a teacher, you might want to get a guitar instruction book. There are lots of guitar books for beginners that teach techniques and have some songs to practice. Although the songs will probably be written for learning guitar, so they wont be songs that you will have heard of before.

Another option is to try to try to learn guitar using online lessons. There are lots of free lessons. And there are lots on ultimate guitar. Here are some web addresses

Lots of information about chords

Here is a series of lessons for beginners. I didn't read the lessons, but they looked like they might be useful.

You can find the other parts by looking at the bottom of the lesson. Just above the comments, you will the other lessons written by that user, which is, for this lesson, the rest of the lesson series.

After you have had a look at a few of the lessons

Once you learn some chords, try searching for some songs that you like in the guitar tabs section of this website. When you find a song that you like, click on the chords version of the song. Ultimate guitar doesn't have the chords for every song, but it does have the chords for most songs. Try to use the tabs with high ratings, that are rated by lots of people.

If you don't want to learn a song using chords, you could look for a tab of a song. It is a bit harder learning to play a song using tabs, so don't feel bad if when you try learning songs they are too hard. Even learning a little bit of a song is good, you don't have to learn a song all the way through.

If you want an easy song that isn't chords, try learning some Christmas songs. You can search for them on ultimate guitar. There is sometimes an easy version perfect for beginners.
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start with something slow and simple like seven nation army by the white stripes, and as you get better at that, you may find you can do more.
the C scale is easy as well (cdefgabc)
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


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hey thanks for all ur responses so far!

@ Circle - my fav band is KoRn but i also like bands similar to MCR.

secondly - thanks to every1 for being so nice :P
Welcome to UG and the guitar world!Check out Justin Sandercoe in youtube,very very useful for beginners.

And a piece of advice,use proper language without grammar error,some grammar nazis will flame you.
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This is not at all an answer to your question but I feel I should bring this up. Sometimes guitars that come in starter kits are not properly set up. When I bought mine 2 weeks ago I found out that the bridge was out of place and the neck needed readjusted plus the tuner was bad. I would advise you you take it into the shop and have it looked over real good. If they find out that it needs some adjustments then it should not cost you anything to have those adjustments made considering you bought the guitar there. Wecome to the forums!
I'm pretty much pimping my blog here on UG, so sorry for that but here is a link of a nice 12 lessons series I'm using.


The link is in the blog post. I'm going to try and update the blog often with tips for beginners. Because I'm still a guitar noob and spend a lot of time looking for online resources.

Dude, there is TONS of stuff on youtube for the scrubiest of scrubs to the hardest of hardcore.

Ive been going for about 8 months now and I did youtube exclusively for the first 4.

Youtube has scales, cords, how to handle a pick, simple songs, rifs, and other various techniques.

Do a random search and watch vids till you find something that suits you and seems easy enough to learn.

Also get you a beginner instruction book. It will give you a bit a guidance. Theres also tons of websites including this one with lots of info.

This is the information age buddy! Get to it!!!!
learn some chords and stuff and practice until you're good
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