Just wondering how you guys practise and how much? As i said in my "hello" post im an OK player, but im kinda stuck in a rut, everything i try to learn is either way too hard or way too easy im into metal and just about anything that soudns good, mainly metal tho. I know i should practise everyday, but being a mechanic and owning motorbikes takes a lot of that spare time away, along with that crazy "social life" thing!!

1 think ive been thinking of lately is learning the rythm bits of as many songs as possible, just bash throguh as many as possible and disregard the lead as i always sit down and try to learn the solos then just get really hung up on it and end up quitting. My lead playing is good, i just aint no god YET.
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try using something like guitarpro to slow down the lead work to a speed you can play it well at, then just increase the speed each time until you're at full speed.
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Just wondering how you guys practise?
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I just play songs and occasionally create my own excersises to help with techniques like sweep picking.

Try playing some more challenging songs to build speed and stamina, the move onto lead.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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Practice on Guitar Hero...

True, even slash do it...didn't you see the commercial? He was rocking it
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I get backing tracks from Jam trax or lick-library, and the jam with series.

Then i have the tab and backing track, so i practice using songs with new techniques in etc...

I practice my theory as well though, and also jamming over blues backing tracks.
I just sit down and play whatever I feel like atm.

I can't myself to learn just one song though so I'll end up attempting a couple songs.

Eventually, I find things to be easier and easier to play.
moto, i was stuck in a rut just recently. you really just have to push through it.

have you tried taking a different direction? try a different genre of music. try to learn more technical or simple songs.

i wouldn't try and bash through as many songs as possible, try and perfect them so you can nail them everytime.

also look into guitarpro if you don't already have it. its a fantastic program.

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I used to just sit and play, but then I got into a rut of never being able to get any better.

That's when I started learning theory, practising scales and modes religiously, and forcing myself to learn to play those parts of songs which were just slightly too ahrd for me to bother attempting them.

I've improved no end since then.
Sounds like you need a bit of inspiration. If other hobbies are taking you away from guitar then maybe you need something to get you excited about music in general. What I've found lately that really helps me pick up the guitar is that I started to listen to a lot more music. Even within the same genre you can find something "different" that really gets you going.

I play along to cd's a lot. A bunch of stuff out there you don't really even need to sit and dedicate time to learn (the easy stuff), but is fun to jam to. A lot of System of the Down and Greenday for example is real easy to learn and play on the fly. Whatever gets you going right?
thanks a lot guys, (besides the tossers, who think they are funny )

i definately need to work on my theory, i came up with a pretty cool way of learning the fretboard, then only learnt 1 bloody string!! spose ill get to work on finishing that n see what oppertunities arrise when i do so!
try playing some blues...or something that is intermideate
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I actually have to practice in my parent's room. I know, I know. I cant play it in the living room, and I cant have it in my room because I have to share the darn room with my brother.

But I usually practice for about an hour a day, 1/2 of it messing with my screwed-up pedal. I take breaks just sitting around or getting a soda every 10-15 mintures.
Just practice fragments of scales with a metronome. I used to do it, but now I'm sick of it, so I just rock all night long instead of yawning through excercises. I'm just too lazy.
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