Hey guys i hope you can help me with this its been bugging me. I'm getting sick of my line 6 spider II 150 combo and getting my new job at KFC this weekend and thinking of upgrading to Tube amp. So yeah i'm wanting to get a Marshall DSL but dont know whether to go a 50w or 100w. How much louder is the 100w compared to the 50w? If i go the 50w what kind of cab would i need or would i just go the normal 1960 cabs? would a 50w DSL be able to work well with my band mates TSL 100 (he only needs to be 2 - 3) at jam sessions and hes loud enough)? So any help in choosing what wattage to go with would be appriciated thanks guys.
I prefer the 100 watts because I like the extra headroom, but if you want to push the amp harder then 50 watts is the way to go. Its all personal preferences.

the 1960 cabs are awesome cabs. You definitely won't go wrong with one.
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From a live sound perspective, Volume-wise, you will never, ever need more than 100 watts of tube power. Ever.

Tone-wise, the 50 watt can be much much nicer than the 100 because you can push it harder and get a nice, natural break up on the power amp tubes that you wouldn't get from the 100 watt without an attenuator, or bursting your eardrums. And the DSL 50 will easily be able to match it with the TSL 100 as long as you're not being idiots and competing for volume.

Just keep in mind that the JCM 2000 series of amps are a very modern sounding amp, they don't do classic tones with any credibility. High gain, mid-scooped or high treble tones are easy to get and can sound great for metal and some harder rock, but the mid-range is weak and brittle so you'll need some serious pedals if you want a cutting lead tone from a 2000.

This is just me speaking as a studio engineer, and obviously it's all down to personal taste but I've recorded too many bands with 200s where they really would have been better off with a JCM 800 reissue and some pedals. So it depending on your style, it might be worth looking at amps like the ValveKing or Bugera. And if you're playing straight out metal, definitely go for the bugeras, they're head and shoulders above the JCM 200s tone-wise for high gain tones, and a fraction of the cost.
Yeah the music i play with my band is Arch enemy cover and inflames covers and we write songs in C standed and A# would the DSl's be any good for that coz my band mates TSL sounds great?
For that sort of serious de-tune, I'd have a look at the Bugera 6260. Their tone is amazingly close to the sound of a 5150, which is what In Flames use (last time I saw them anyway). It's got a bit more bottom end than the 5150, so it can get a little muddy if you're not careful, but for the price (under $1000 AUS for the head), you won't find better metal amps than the bugera 6260 or 333. They're a little high powered at 120 Watts, but they've got gain for days and actually clean up nicely if you want some soft parts. I'd definitely go and have a listen to some of those before getting the DSL.
Thanks man ever since i first saw the price of the Bugera's I thought "wtf at the price there must be a catch of some sort" but ur not the only person i've heard praise them mabye i should check them out
Yeah, I was skeptical myself, but I was hired by a band called Sclera (melbourne heavy metallers) to record their demo and they rocked up at the studio with a Bugera 333 2x12 combo. As soon as I was done with the project, I went and put a deposit down on one, I don't even play much metal but I record a lot of it and I just take that amp with me to sessions now, just in case the band shows up with crap gear.
I notice quite a few people have said the Bugera sounds like the 5150. I kindly disagree. I think the Bugera sounds better, all the way around. MUCH better cleans, and the distortion is better. Brighter sounding per se.
I have only seen and heard the Bugera 333 it was a head unit (the upgrade is twice that at 666...Just Kidding!!) it seemed to be kinda plastic looking, but admit that it sounded good especially for what the kid bought it for - I think he said 500 bucks new? For a new amp, it is a great deal! And I bet these things will start to be talked about alot more often - here on UG!!! Of course only hearing this one model of Bugera amp does not make me any kinda expert.

I have a different opinion of the DSL 50 than a couple of above posters (I own one.) I think the DSL nails classic rock tunes and blues perfectly...and ALOT of people have also told me this. I really don't do Metal so can't speak to that. But it seems this amp can crank out the OD without hesitation - with the right pedals I am sure one could swim in OD from the DSL.

As far as getting the 50 or 100 - that is personal preference. The 100 is NOT that much louder than the 50...but tubes will not break up as quickly leading to more "headroom" from the 100. As noted, I like the early tube breakup that the 50 offers.

Here is a clip of someone playing the DSL 50

Here is a clip of the DSL 100

Good luck with your amp purchase. The best bet is to try out all these amps and see what fits your desired tone best. Also, if you do end up going with Marshall, you can really get great deals if you are willibg to go used. I picked up my DSL50 for 450 USD bucks! And this thing is a "working man's" amp that is very versitle and can easily allow me to pump out the sound I personally desire.