really, REALLY not sure where to turn with this, i just hope you guys can help somehow.

my mp3 player has half died.

it's always been in a spot of trouble, it was a second hand off a mate, and the headphone jack is buggered, but i only used it as a memory stick.

i have no charger, so the only way i can charge is through computer.

on it's own, it doesn't turn on, but when i plug it into the computer it flashes on and off really quick, is there somehow i can keep it on? even if it only be for a minute or so?

if it was just music i'd toss the thing, but i also kept all the bands work on there, as i could take it round to there place or bring it back to mine and such, so i really need this fixed.

Try to contact the manufacturer?

Right before giving up, you might want to open it up and check the soldering. You could push the little circuits with a pencil. This has more chance of ruining the thing for good, but what do you risk anyway?