I've been pretty tight with my monies later, so I'mma thinking about getting myself a pedal before summer break, something around 120$. Hopefully, something that'll be fun to jam around with, although I play with some bands.

Anyways, I have a Fender Deville 420, a Carvin guitar, a bad monkey, a metal muff, and a vox wah, as well as a DA5 practice amp, as well as a decent mike for recording directly. What would you guys recommend looking at?

I've considered a Big Muff pi or a small clone, but the big muff seems like it has one sound that you either like or don't, without a lot of room to play around, and the small clone is almost too much, IMO (and chorus doesn't seem THAT necessary). Anyways, mention anything you consider worth looking at! Thanks
Look into delay pedals, perhaps?

EDIT: Another cool one would be the Line 6 FM4, if you can afford one. It's got a bunch of synthesizer and envelope filter effects and it's probably the most unique pedal I know of.


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The octave pedal is a interesting idea!

Unfortunately, the FM4 is a little steep for me -_-