I will only have these up today for sale. I am trying to gather money for the current SDOTD up on Musician's Friend.

First is a like new condition PRS SE Custom with tremolo. I've had this a little over a month and it is in mint condition. The neck on this is great. It sounds really nice too. I believe the color is called Cherry Sunburst

$475 shipped *** Now $460 shipped ***

Second is a Fender Telecaster MIM. I've only had this for a few weeks. I received it in a trade from another member here and it is very nice. There is one problem with it. During shipping it ended up somehow getting a nasty gouge/chip which you can see in the pictures. The plastic has flaked off the part leaving the wood exposed. Other than that it is in excellent condition. Nice smooth frets and sound really good.

$285 shipped. *** Now $265 shipped ***

I am open to reasonable offers.

Will sell both for $710 shipped if someone wants both.


These will be up for sale until they sell.

Updated pictures below

This is the only pic I have of the PRS here with me at work but the guitar is in great shape.

Telecaster Pics

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Replied. Sorry but only shipping to the continental US.

Prices dropped.
I'll give you $910 to ship them both to the UK.

You do say you want to sell them today ...