well i somehow managed to wear off the finish on my fretboard and was wondering if i could apply a dark stain to and what would be the safest method if so...thnx guys
Yeah, you can stain it, no prob. But you would need to lightly scuff the spot with some sand paper and then apply the stain. after that you would need to apply a little poly if it's a maple fret board, not if its rosewoor though.
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
well iwant to do the whole fretboard...lol and its a epi les paul custom so its maple i guess?
you wore off the finish on you fretboard?

a) stain is not a finish, it just dyes the wood
b) the only epi les paul with a maple fretboard is the zakk wylde, so if thats not the one you have your fretboard is most likely rosewood or ebony (which tend to not have finishes applied)

still would like to know more info so i could help you out better