they are good, well-built custom guitars for a pretty low price correct?

i mean, i use a Flextone II and wanted a new amp but most of you said that my Flexy was better than what i had in mind so.,.

i decided id just get a new guitar.
my friend has a C-1 plus and it plays like a wonder through his Crate SS half stack.

im thinking of a Tempest custom w/ the Duncans, but if i can get it, possibly a Tempest or C-1 Hellraiser for the EMGs

im just thinking of a good guitar that i can use for heavier rock/metal, because my epi les paul custom should do other genre music fine
my C-1+ has never let me down and i've had it for 5 years, any of my friends that play it always comment on how nice it is
My Gear:
Schecter C-1 Plus with EMG 81/85(18v mod)
PRS Tremonti SE
Randall V2
Genz Benz G-Flex 212
BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer
ISP Decimator Prorack G
Quote by Guitar Sushi
get the Blackjack ATX FR!! It has a trem and an EMG set!!!

Actually, the Blackjack ATX FR has the Seymour Duncan Blackout set.

The Hellraiser (which you can get with an OFR too) has the EMG set. Same with the new Devil Customs.

Anyway, the Hellraiser is definitely a good metal guitar. Haven't tried a Flextone amp before, so don't know how well they'd pair up. If you know a place that has Hellraisers, I'd suggest seeing if you can bring your amp with you to try one out (unless they also sell Flextones).

The Schecter Tempest is also a good guitar, especially with the Seymour Duncans and I would think it has a little bit more flexibility than the Hellraiser in what genres you can play with it. Don't count it out for Metal though, it can still give a good crunch.
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