Say if am playing on the 3rd string 5th fret then moving to the 4th string 2nd fret. My problem is that when I play the 4th string 3nd fret the note before is still ringing. How should I kill the note?
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with your palm or a finger on your pick hand, just grazing it should take care of it
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take your finger off of the 3rd string...if youre doing that and its still ringing then its just a technique prob. and youll do better in time.
Ye it seems that when I release the fret the note rings even more, weird or what?
this may not work, but instead of switching strings, play open on the 4th string and then play the 2nd fret

or play the 5th fret and 7th fret on the 3rd string
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Ye it seems that when I release the fret the note rings even more, weird or what?

Impossible... you must be pulling off, leaving the open string ringing. You don't have to totally release the string, just realease pressure.
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well put 5kuzgib thats what i was trying to get at but didnt know if my wording was accurate enough or not.
OK, it seems when I release the fret really quickly it kinda like plays the note of the open string.
well just dont release the fret as quickly, just lift your finger slightly, so it stops the note, but still mutes it so the note doesnt ring open,

then try to get into the habit of that for all the notes that aren't pull offs,
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Ye its kinda hard to release off gently, when playing fast. But Ill try my best from now on. Its just a technique thing, not an equipment thing right?
correct, it is a technique thing

but you dont need to release of "gently" as you put it, just when you take your finger off, don't take it all the way off, leave it still contacting the string for just a second, so it mutes it
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